Tough Enough for Your Toolbelt

Our two-ways are designed for rugged fieldwork

You know your team. You know the guts and grit they bring to the job, each and every day. That’s why you arm them with gear that works as tirelessly as they do. Your communications equipment should be no exception. When it comes to rough-and-tumble work, jobs that take employees far from the reaches of conventional towers, Kenwood two-ways are up to the task. Our radios are tough and reliable, created with your team’s safety and productivity in mind.

Durable Design

Perhaps you’re trekking through muddy construction sites. Or, you might be scaling transmission towers dozens of metres high. Kenwood two-ways were built for rugged situations like these. Drops and vibrations, water and humidity, dust and dirt: our radios withstand it all. Kenwood two-ways need less repairs, maintenance and replacements, making them a sound investment that will last you for years to come.

Advanced Technology

Gone are the days of crackly walkie-talkies. Kenwood two-ways boast today’s most advanced digital technology. Thanks to their sophisticated sound optimization, your team will enjoy crystal-clear audio, even in noisy environments. Our radios are packed with high-tech features, like Bluetooth, GPS, data encryption and user safety sensors. Kenwood two-ways come equipped with intelligent battery systems that will keep your team charged all through the day.

Easy to Use

Think radios are heavy, clunky or confusing to operate? Think again. Kenwood two-ways are renowned for their sleek design and user-friendliness. Our models feature bright, easy-to-read displays and ergonomic controls. They’ve got emergency buttons and audio cues that help your team safely stay in touch. Best of all, there’s no need for direct skin contact: Kenwood two-ways can easily be used with gloves.

When work conditions are rough, our radios step up. Keep your team productive and connected with Kenwood.

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Dedicated professionals deserve to be backed by the best communications equipment. Arm your team with Kenwood.

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