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Alberta relies on hard-working professionals across every industry. To connect your team, you deserve and expect the best-backed communications equipment for the job.

Dirty hands, sweaty brows and long days add up

They form something big, something that towers dramatically above us. That’s exactly what our two-way radios were made for—proud projects from dedicated Albertans like you.
Kenwood radios are built to be ruggedly reliable, yet user-friendly and simplified. But, we didn’t stop there. Our two-way technology also boasts a remarkable price-to-performance ratio. You’ll pay less for a communications network that’ll last you for years to come.

Industries across Alberta benefit from two-way radios:



Your workforce already tackles physically demanding conditions and stringent safety standards. They need tough and dependable communications equipment that can keep up with them.


Public Safety

Our communities depend on police services, fire departments and emergency responders to save and protect lives. Two-way radios keep them connected—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



From water and sewer systems, to electric and telecommunication lines, utility crews are essential to connecting our province’s underground networks. Two-ways empower them to work together, safely and productively.


Oil & Gas

Pipelines, rig sites, warehouses, processing facilities: your workforce is a vast network that powers our province’s energy sector. To keep them efficient and mobile, you need to arm them with robust communications equipment.



Whether you’re shipping goods or moving people, fleet logistics is no small task. Two-ways meet the sophisticated communication needs of freight trucking, airline and public transit companies.


General Business

Many business sectors have complex communication networks, from government and security services, to agriculture and forestry. Two-way radios can boost your team’s connectivity and productivity.

Exclusive Retailers

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Dedicated professionals deserve to be backed by the best communications equipment. Arm your team with Kenwood.

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