If you’re looking for smart functionality in a simplified package, look no further than the TK-7302/8302. Construction and agriculture companies in particular appreciate this FM transceiver’s wide-ranging VHF/UHF coverage, since it lets them dispatch to remote distances.

With its military compliant design, the TK-7302/8302’s tough construction stands strong in all weather conditions. Its large display has adjustable brightness, making it easy to transition from day to night. You’ll get the message across loud and clear with the TK-7302/8302’s high-quality audio and voice announcement. Features such as Quiet Talk signalling, multiple scan functions and a voice inversion scrambler all provide a secure, user-friendly experience.




The Kenwood KES-5 mobile speaker is incredibly rugged, meeting Military Standards 810C, D, E, F for low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, solar radiation, humidity, salt, fog, dust, vibration and shock. This 4-ohm speaker has a maximum input power of 40 watts. You will find these speakers in fire and rescue vehicles, dump trucks, police cars and ambulances.


Control Station Mounting Case for KPS-15 Power Supply


DC Power Supply (23A max)

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