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Why technicians trust Kenwood

Dealers are solution-providers. They exist to equip your team with the technology necessary to connect and communicate. Whether you work on the road, in the community or on a construction site, they’ll provide you with the right communication equipment for the job. And, that’s exactly why dealer technicians prefer Kenwood. They feel at ease programming our radios, and even more comfortable training you on how to use them.

Easy for Technicians

Technicians love how intuitive it is to program Kenwood radios. Our models have a major “set it and forget it” factor, particularly when it comes to initial setup. With only a few programming cables, technicians can quickly set your radios’ power levels and perform firmware updates. Kenwood is also the only brand that can export channel archives from an old model to a new one, making upgrades a breeze.

Easy for You

Most of all, technicians appreciate how at ease customers feel with Kenwood radios. When training you on our products, walking you through operations is simple and straightforward. All functions are clearly visible on a large, bright display. Technicians can also quickly print you easy-to-read channel handouts for fast cross-referencing. Repairs and maintenance, though rare, are much easier to diagnose and fix.

The result: your team can quickly and easily connect when it matters most.

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Dedicated professionals deserve to be backed by the best communications equipment. Arm your team with Kenwood.

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